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The 3 Truths Small Business Owners Must Accept Immediately

What type of business owner are you? What do you like to do and how do you do more of that in your business? Most business owners feel guilty about asking themselves that question. “Why should I get to do just what I enjoy? That’s not work.”  However, doing anything but what you’re best at […]

What are you actually good at?

I consider myself first and foremost, an observer. It is my MO (modus operandi) to observe, research, reduce unknowns, stabilize…and then act. This may be clear to you seeing as my last post was a month ago. I’ve certainly been tip-toeing into this whole “sharing-what-I’ve-learned-with-the-world” thing (thanks John Meese). My father-in-law was my first case […]

Inspiration statement

It’s an amazing thing to be challenged. For so long, I knew that I needed to write. I used to write poetry and such when I was in highschool, but that didn’t last long as I became a busy husband, father, and working professional. I am thankful to all of the outstanding people I met […]